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Today, we worry about so many things. The stock market up, the stock market down; gold: climbing; buy silver! Stocks can fail, Banks can fail and like in Cypress, even cash can fail: a roar of voices that makes you want to just cover your ears.

Duane Roset CEO: I have been in the Diamond business forty years; now with my adult children Tys, Chelsea & Trent & my wife of 40 yrs, Marilyn. I would like to share with you about an investment that has for the most part been ignored by investment portfolios.

Diamonds, like gold, are a tangible object. You can carry, you can transport, and best of all, the record of diamonds is: a consistent and constant increase in value. Diamonds, like gold, have been valued through the ages. Like gold, it is an investment that can actually be enjoyed as jewelry. But, once gold is fashioned into jewelry, there are taxes and profits and labor which all evaporates when gold is returned to its natural state. Diamonds, on the other hand are timeless. Eternal, ageless and with a record that not only maintains but grows value. They are the marriage of beauty and value. In history very few commodities have become international STAPLES: diamonds valued everywhere!

You can't move a house or property to another country; we have all witnessed that housing values can go down. Gold goes in a safety box, if you even actually hold it; your gold may be a paper certificate! Why not enjoy your investment?

From a historical investment perspective, diamonds are reliable and secure. So how does it work? Roset Diamond is internationally recognized in the diamond industry. The integrity and uncompromising adherence to traditional principles has birthed an opportunity like none other: the birth of iDiamond available only in the USA.

We guarantee quality. We guarantee value. We guarantee trade-up and 30 day $ back. Stone are certified with the finest GIA certificates. Stone quality in our normal program are S12-VS1 and H-D in color range. We are registered with, and accountable to, both the Canadian Jewelers Association and JBT in the USA.

We recommend the purchase of four stones to open your account: We can provide jewellery findings eg) earrings , ring , pendant through our jewellery division at cost.

The following are suggestions only for comparison; you will decide your package. Portfolio suggestions*: each containing 4 diamonds; 1 large, 2 small and 1 medium

  • .90 & .15*2 & 60= $6000
  • 1.50 & .25*2 & 1.00 $15000
  • 2.40 & .40*2 &. 1.60 $45000
  • 3.00 & .50*2 & 2. 00 $60000

*eg) cost based on GIA SI2 FG quality; (orders will vary in exact WHOLESALE cost)

Most Sincerely,
Duane A Roset CEO
Roset Diamond / Roset by Reid (Canada)

You are buying at the price a jewelry store pays! A sparkling wholesale investment.

Optional: We are offering to provide findings: earrings, ring and pendant (no chain) at a cost of $450; the retail value would be about $1500 fashioned in 14k white gold! Please contact us for more details.