Wholesale Diamond distribution, through Roset Amore Diamonds, was the obvious next step when you consider our 30 years of experience as Roset by Reid retail stores. The skills developed over the decades have not been wasted in helping with the needs of jewellers today. Understanding retail, we can meet our customers' needs most efficiently, as we have experienced and are sympathetic to your needs.

Now, Roset Amore has a reputation as an honest and sincere Diamond provider. With offices in Montreal, Quebec and Alberta, Tyson, Duane, Chelsea, Marilyn, Evano, Kevin, Lisa and Trent take care of daily diamond needs from "sea to sea". It is our family's goal to make our company one that all our customers are proud to be associated with.

From generation to generation, we have learned that kindness is never wasted. Integrity is as important as family, and being honest is not part-time, but a full time effort. We respectfully interact with everyone as an important contact, and we soon find that our customers become true friends. Roset Amore is big enough to supply any diamond you may want, yet small enough to look after you personally.

Please take the time to contact us and allow us to give you a quote on your next diamond purchase.

CanadAmore Roset, is our exclusive line of diamonds which we are proud to provide to customers across Canada. We boast only the finest value stones; your gemologist will be able to confirm qualities with pride and confidence.

Customers will appreciate our exclusive line of CanadAmore Roset Diamond displays. Finally a display, made and assembled just for CanadAmore "Loose diamonds!"

A detailed and specialized diomond display tablet, to facilitate private diamond showings, is also provided to our exclusive CanadAmore Roset retailers

Each and every one of our diamonds is laser engraved with our signature of approval and authenticity. RosetAmore Diamonds are clearly marked with an identifying serial number. We guarantee that you will end up with diamonds perfect for your customers.

Roset Diamond is now the exclusive distributor for Venetti in Canada. We have been searching for a bridal partner that would compliment our loose diamonds and we have found a great match. The finish, the design and the price are all what you have come to expect from your friends at Roset. The rings are elegantly displayed on our exclusive Venetti show bed.

To keep your investment to a minimum, rings are shown in 925 Silver; they look so spectacular, not even your hairdresser will know for sure! There are three dozen new designs you will call your own, available in 14k, 18k and platinum. Competing with the great advertised names in America, Venetti will allow you to make terrific margins. When combined with a Roset diamond, we contend, no finished product will be better priced or better finished.

We'd be pleased to make Venetti an exclusive in your store! We need a couple of feet to show our entire display. The show bed, the 36 designs, the service and warranty, all backed by the Roset name. Your cost? $3000! That's it!

You can deal directly with the factory. We will supply center diamond to your exact specifications and price. To expedite your sale, you will not only access through us but will also have the direct power of Venetti working for you.

Talk to one of our representatives and see how we can help maximize your profits and to get the whole scoop on Venetti by Roset!


Any mele stone lost, we'll replace it, for life! If a goldsmith damages a ring, it's covered, for life! Once in a lifetime, your stones remounted!


This is a lifetime guarantee on all Roset's Venetti.

ONLY $129

Roset's Venetti will enhance any store! A collection of amazing bridal rings on display.
Call Chelsea or Tyson today and get started with the most profitable display in your store.

Your premier diamond supplier presents our exclusive collection of diamond earrings. At last you can proudly display a full array of diamond earrings that will dazzle your customers and balance your budget.

We've chosen G-H SI2/I1 as our introductory quality and packaged everything with the eye-catching Roset Amore display unit and new earring boxes.

The Roset Amore Diamond Earring Program is packaged as follows:

  • .25 - $199
  • .50 - $499
  • .67 - $799
  • .80 - $1099
  • 1.00 - $1299
  • 1.25 - $1799

We also offer larger pairs:

  • 1.50 - $2499
  • 1.80 - $3795
  • 2.00 - $5799

Package Price: three payments of $2000 (+tax), 30-60-90 postdate cheques.

Repeat purchases available at the listed price: excepting diamond world price increase assuming the Canadian dollar remains constant earrings listed at total carat weight.